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KallioLaw Aalto Entrepreneurship Society

What is is a set of standardized legal documents for startups
Templates include a Termsheet, Shareholders' Agreement and Investment Agreement. People from both sides of the table have taken part in crafting these documents.

Short, simple and standardized
Inspired by by Fenwick & West, we aim to make legal paperwork more standardized. This makes it easier to incorporate and raise funding, without favoring neither the investors nor the entrepreneurs.

Anyone can use the documents for free
Documents are intended to be used as-is, so further term negotiations aren't always necessary. Documents were created by KallioLaw and they're licensed under Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0. However, forms provided are only for your guidance and for discussion purposes. Seek independent legal advice before executing.


Project Updates

01.02.2010 first to bring standardized legal documents for startups

Initial version of the documents published!

Discussion & Contact

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